Onboard Employees

Engage employees right from the start

Welcome new employees in a purposeful way and quickly introduce them to company culture. Dive has icebreakers, customizable templates, and loads of other activities to create a seamless start.

Onboarding Meeting Cards in Dive App

Create a great first impression

A great place to welcome new leadership and share expertise.

Create a great first impression Card

Integrate teams quickly

Create templated group sessions packed with icebreaker activities and prompts to help new hires feel at home fast. Welcome sessions are also a great space where current employees can share the lay of the land.

Ice breaker game in Dive AppCard with TextCard with TextCard with Text

Build a cohesive company experience

Customise our templates and apps to reflect your unique culture. A great example: tailor the Trivia app with company-specific questions to present straightforward facts in a more interesting, engaging, and memorable way.


Companies are at their best when employees feel seen and heard.

Set the right tone right off the bat by using Dive.