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Dive into action from Slack

Move from slacking to chatting IRL seamlessly. With Dive’s easy integration, all it takes is a quick /dive command to kickstart a new room and invite your coworkers to join.

Dive Slack Integration  Interface

Meet teammates instantly via Slack

Start a Dive session right from Slack. Enter /dive in a chat or channel, and a link to a new Dive room will auto post for anyone @here to join.

Room Card Slack App

Send a friendly nudge to encourage face time

You can prompt your teammates to come hang by sending a quick Slack nudge right from Dive.

Nudge Card in Slack Dive Integration

Keep everyone on the same wavelength

By linking a Slack channel to a Dive room, your team can receive updates on what’s happening even when they can’t be there in person.

Updates from Dive on Slack

Bring everyone along for the Dive

Import your Slack squad to Dive for easy inviting and team management.

Import to Slack Illustration

When Slack and Dive are in sync, moving from text to talking is seamless.