Celebrate Important Moments

Create a culture you’re proud of

Ensure your business celebrates both the big wins and the little things. You can create an instant energy shift by hosting Dive get-togethers that are chock-full of GIFs, colors, activities, and more.

Dive App Meeting

Birthdays & Anniversaries

Special days deserve to be commemorated with a splash. Think of Dive as the cake, streamers, and activities that make any party more memorable.

Birthdays & Anniversaries

Happy Hours

Create gatherings where employees can really unwind. Choose from 300+ activities and encourage friendly competition by firing up the leaderboard.

Happy Hours Game

Special Events

Host events that reflect your team’s unique values and interests. Yoga classes, improv sessions, bring-your-pet-to-work days—they’re all possible in Dive.

Special Events Cards

Dive creates spaces where people can connect outside of their task lists.

Make everyone feel like they belong by celebrating their successes, interests, and milestones.