Establish Rituals

Keep ’em  coming back for more

Host regular meetings that champion personality,  strengthen employee engagement, and fight isolation.  With Dive, you can schedule recurring events  that save you time and save your team from boredom.

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Daily Stand-ups

Turn stand-ups from a chore into an energizing session. Add extra encouragement with GIFs and sounds.

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Regular 1:1s

Schedule ongoing meet-ups to strengthen reporting relationships and ensure your team’s success.

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Regular 1:1s Activities cards in Dive App

Fine-tuned Workflows

Consider us your ultimate office supply closet. Whether you need a whiteboard or want to take a quick poll, the tools you need to collaborate successfully are always on-hand in Dive. Plus, you can record each session to be sure nothing is missed.

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Weekly Socials

Fill your company calendar with gatherings your employees will look forward to week after week.

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Hosting regular meet-ups helps create a stronger sense of company culture.

No matter where in the world they are, remote coworkers feel a part
of the team when using Dive.